Key Features

  • Norris style adjuster
  • Detailed instructions supplied
  • Suitable timber of choice for the body required
  • Two different blade options, O1 or PM-V11

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
717634 Veritas Wooden Plane Hardware Kit O1 Blade £47.18
717636 Veritas Wooden Plane Hardware Kit PM-V11 Blade £56.18

Over the past few years, making a wooden plane has grown in popularity, though it's always been difficult to find the right information and the correct components to build one. With this kit (and basic woodworking skills), it's possible to build a bevel-down, wooden-bodied smoothing plane with a Norris-style mechanism providing easy depth and lateral adjustment for the cutter. The kit includes a blade, a Norris-style adjuster with a steel cup to seat it in, plus knobs, tapped insert and a cross pin for the lever cap, all made of brass. The lapped blade (available in O1 or PM-V11® steel) is over 3mm thick and just over 41mm wide with a 25° bevel. The wood of choice for the body needs to be sourced; any blank 200mm x 56mm x 62mm or larger can be used and, most importantly, detailed instructions are provided. As the tool is constructed in the workshop, there's an opportunity to customise the size, shape or even bed angle of the completed plane, creating a practical tool that can be used for future woodworking projects. Available with either an O1 or PM-V11® blade.