Key Features

  • Versatile Veritas bench top fittings, fits any 19mm dog hole
  • Useful for all sorts of workholding on a bench top
  • Brass clamping face 50mm x 13mm
  • 165mm long stem with spring retainer
  • Use as an alternative tail vice

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
202392 Veritas Wonder Dog £32.98

Hugely versatile bench top fittings, which come in very useful for all sorts of workholding on your bench top. They make an excelent alternative to a tail vice, albeit sliightly lighter duty. Veritas Wonder Dogs are basically bench dogs with a length of threaded bar through the top. The bar features a swivel handle one end and a brass clamping face at the other. The Wonder Dog stem, drilled and tapped with at 3°, ensures that work is held tight onto the bench top. The stem length is 165mm with a spring retainer running done the length to prevent the stem slipping in the dog hole. The brass clamping face is 50mm x 13mm, two holes in the face allow you to attach a custom shaped wooden face if necessary. All that is required to use a Veritas Wonder Dog is a 19mm hole.