Key Features

  • 280mm long, fits Veritas, Stanley, Record planes and more
  • Quick and easy to fit, left or right side
  • Design accommodates many different sizes and geometries
  • Allows accurate planing of angles from 45° to 135°
  • Through-holes for attaching wooden sub-fence

Note: Veritas Jack Rebate, Veritas Bevel-up Jointer, Veritas Shooting Board and Veritas custom bench planes require stainless steel knobs (104776).

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
104774 Veritas Universal Variable Angle Plane Fence £61.58

This 280mm universal plane fence will fit onto a wide variety of bench planes, including those made by Veritas, Stanley, Record and others. Fitting the fence to your plane is straightforward, on either the left or right side. It clamps to your plane’s body with a pair of brass locking knobs running in a T-slot. The design accommodates many differing plane sizes and geometries. The fence allows you to plane accurate and consistent angles from 45° to 135°. Angles are set using a square, angle gauge and bevel or directly on an angle you wish to match. A spring-loaded lever locks the fence; you can re-position the lever handle for convenience. Through-holes in the 280mm long aluminium fence allow the attachment of a wooden extension, or a tapered spacer for planing angles less than 45°.

Note: for the Veritas Jack Rebate, Veritas Bevel-up Jointer, Veritas Shooting Board plane and Veritas custom bench planes, the fence attaches to the tapped holes in the side wings using stainless steel knobs that are available separately (104776).

Specification for Veritas Universal Variable Angle Plane Fence:
Model 05P30.08