Key Features

  • Made of strong Baltic birch plywood
  • Securely stores combination and small plough plane blades
  • Blades stored edge up for easy recognition
  • Cover protects blades when not in use
  • 2 boxes will store all available blades
  • Made in Canada

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
104310 Veritas Storage Box for Combination Plane Blades £19.98

The blade box holds the blades for the Veritas combination plane or Veritas small plough plane. It stores the blades edge up so you can easily choose the one you want. Made of Baltic birch plywood, it holds blades side by side in two 150mm long rows. A cover protects the blades when not in use. Because the width of the blades determines how many fit in the box, the number of blades you can store depends on which blades you own. For example, all the blades for the combination plane: 4 large beading, 4 fluting, 8 reeding blades and the rebating blade will fit in one box.

A second box would hold all the other blades, which also fit the small plough plane. A cover protects the blades when not in use.

Made in Canada.