Key Features

  • Articulating palm rest for comfortable, controlled grip
  • Allows clean, accurate cuts flush against a perpendicular surface
  • 50mm x 1mm thick high carbon steel blade
  • Blade is ground at 45°, allowing you to burnish a hook with ease
  • The 135mm long ductile cast iron body, weight 700g

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
210948 Veritas Small Scraping Plane £101.28

The Veritas Small Scraping Plane is a great tool for the final smoothing of small, flat surfaces, even highly figured timber, or small areas of difficult grain within a larger surface. The scraping plane comes into action after the surface has been prepared as well as possible using a finely tuned smoothing plane. What the scraping plane does is to replace the need for sanding prior to applying a finish. Because the scraping plane cuts the wood fibres rather than tears them, it will further bring out the beauty of the wood grain, rather than mute it as sandpaper would. This plane is supplied with a 50mm by 1mm thick high carbon steel blade with its cutting edge ground at 45°. The pitch, or blade angle, is 20° forward from vertical. The full width blade and adjustable palm rest (which pivots to either side) allows the plane to be used right up to a vertical face. Depth of cut is regulated by applying camber to the blade. By slightly bowing or arching the blade, you also eliminate ridges in the work surface caused by blade corners.

Specification for Veritas Small Scraping Plane:
Nett Weight 680 g (1lb 8oz)