Key Features

  • Supplied with five A2 blades from 3.2mm(1/8") to 9.5mm(3/8")
  • Excels at cutting grooves, rebates, tongues and beads
  • Double guide rods and collet locking system prevent fence from racking
  • Large wooden rear tote offers a solid, comfortable grip
  • Ductile cast iron body; 225mm(9") long
  • 12.7mm(1/2") deep maximum depth of groove or rebate
  • Made in Canada

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
717954 Veritas Small Plough Plane with Five A2 blades £266.18

Supplied with five blades in widths 3.2mm(1/8"), 4.8mm(3/16"), 6.35mm(1/4"), 8mm(5/16") and 9.5mm(3/8"). The Veritas Small Plough Plane excels at cutting grooves, rebates and tongues. The Veritas Small Plough Plane features a 168mm(6-5/8") long fence that registers solidly to the workpiece. Double guide rods and a special collet locking system prevent the fence from racking. The fence is through-drilled, allowing you to add a wooden fence extension. The large wooden rear tote offers a solid, comfortable grip. The 225mm(9") long ductile cast iron body weighs 795g and has a machined 45° blade bed. Large brass knobs make adjustments fast and easy without need for tools. The fence offset with a 6.35mm(1/4") blade is from flush up to a maximum of 38mm(1-1/2"). The adjustable depth stop has relieved edges to avoid marking your work. Secured directly by a brass knob, it controls the depth of the groove or rebate (maximum 12.7mm(1/2") deep.