Key Features

  • When work requires a delicate touch or carving fine detail
  • Solid brass head with walnut handle
  • Weight 340g; 32mm diameter head, length approximately 150mm

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
107007 Veritas Small Journeyman's Brass Mallet £30.48

This small mallet, with a 340g (12oz), 32mm(1.1/4") diameter head, allows you to strike a carving tool with a delicate touch when carving fine detail. Used for work that requires more finesse than power, this mallet fits the bill perfectly.

With a solid brass head and a walnut handle, this is an elegant and effective tool. You can hold it by the handle or cradle the head in your palm. The latter method allows you to precisely control the force of blows.The head has a blind threaded connection so you can use the top as a striking surface with the same feel and force as the sides. The mallet is 150mm long overall.

Made in Canada.