Key Features

  • Problem solved, sharpen small blades
  • Foolproof guide for spokeshave and short blades
  • Blades up to 66mm wide and 6.35mm thick

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
108354 Veritas Short-Blade Honing Guide £49.98

Thanks to Veritas’ designers and engineers the problem we face when sharpening spokeshave, small or short blades has been solved. Spokeshave, small block plane and palm plane blades are too small for most guides. This Veritas honing guide does the trick and is simple and foolproof to set up and use. Blades up to 66mm wide are easily aligned with the guide’s registration jig. It will take blades up to 6.35mm thick and sharpen 25° or 30° bevels. The adjustable fingers on the guide hold blades of all shapes securely at the correct angle. A shim included with the guide allows you to add a 2° micro-bevel.Made in Canada.

Specification for Veritas Short-Blade Honing Guide:
Model 05M09.30