Key Features

  • Allows the scribing of two perpendicular surfaces at one time
  • Made of anodised aluminium
  • Version is available for stud wall layout

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
202388 Veritas Saddle Square - Standard £11.98
202389 Veritas Saddle Square - Large £14.68

Transferring a line from face side of timber to face edge and vice versa is now as easy as falling off a log. With this saddle square the line can be marked in both planes without moving the square hence maintaining prime accuracy without really trying. Produced in anodised aluminium to a practical but stylish design, and available in two sizes. One at 50mm wide, (the standard), forms an "L", of 32 x 57mm, the large version 34 x 84mm and 38mm wide has a central slot for locating and marking stud locations accurately.

Specification for Veritas Saddle Square:
Model 05N5601 & 05N5610
Size Large