Key Features

  • Fine fence adjuster for Veritas fence and centre kit
  • Allows fine-tuning for very precise work
  • Each half turn moves the fence by 0.4mm(1/64)
  • Aluminium body with stainless steel knobs
  • Made in Canada

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
102165 Precision Adjuster for Veritas Plunge Base £23.88

Made to fit the Veritas fence and centre kit, this optional fine fence adjuster clamps onto the fence rods and attaches to the fence holder or circle head. It allows you to fine-tune the distance between the cutter and the fence for very precise work. Each half turn of the adjusting knob moves the fence in or out by 0.4mm(1/64"). Made in Canada from aluminium with stainless steel knobs.