Key Features

  • Pair of stainless steel threaded knobs
  • Ensure secure fitting of the Veritas universal plane fence
  • Screw directly into holes in plane‚Äôs body
  • Required for the following Veritas planes only:

Jack Rebate, Bevel-up Jointer, Shooting Board, custom bench

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
104776 Veritas Pair of Mounting Knobs for Universal Fence £6.48

A pair of stainless steel threaded knobs, required when fitting the Veritas Universal Plane fence to the following Veritas planes: Jack Rebate, Bevel-up Jointer, Shooting Board and custom bench planes. These knobs allow you to attach the fence directly to the plane using the threaded holes on the sides of the plane, ensuring a secure fit.

Specification for Veritas Pair Of Mounting Knobs For Universal Fence:
Model 05P30.09