Key Features

  • PM-V11 steel alloy, wear-resistant, yet easy to sharpen
  • Blades lapped to a flatness tolerance of +/-0.0127mm
  • Maple handle, kiln-baked to seal it against humidity changes

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
503977 Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel - 1/4"(6.3mm) £87.18
503978 Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel - 3/8"(9.5mm) £87.18
503979 Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel - 1/2"(12.7mm) £90.78
503980 Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel - 3/4"(19mm) £99.18
503981 Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel - 1"(25.4mm) £104.68
506448 Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel - 1/8"(3.2mm) £81.48
506449 Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisel - 3/16"(4.8mm) £81.48

PM-V11 is a new innovative steel alloy and is extremely durable. It can withstand the impact of heavy chopping cuts, even at bevel angles as low as 20°. It is highly wear-resistant, with an edge typically lasting twice as long as an A2 blade before it needs re-sharpening. It is as easy to sharpen as A2 steel using common methods such as water stones. In all probability PM-V11 is the best thing to happen to edge tools for a very long time. The chisel blades taper from shoulder to tip for strength and rigidity. They have parallel sides and true bevel edges for clearance when working into an angled corner. Veritas lap each blade to a flatness tolerance of +/-0.0127mm over the entire surface. The blade and handle connection is a tang and a socket-like ferrule. The hard maple handle has been kiln-baked at a high temperature, sealing it against humidity changes. The chisels are available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" widths, with blades from 117mm to 130mm long. The hardness is HRC 61-63. The 1/4" and 3/8" chisels have 30° primary bevels; the others are 25°. All have 2° micro bevels, and require only final honing before use. Made in Canada.