Key Features

  • Body of fully stress relieved nickel-resist ductile cast iron
  • 35mm wide PM-V11 steel blade 3.6mm thick
  • Sole is flat, sides square to the sole, bed flat and square to the sides
  • All to within 0.038mm (0.0015") maximum deviation
  • Adjustable mouth with re-set stop
  • 156mm long by 44mm wide plane with 12° bed angle

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
210924 Veritas NX60 Premium Block Plane £464.78

The Veritas NX60 Premium block plane features a body cast from nickel-resist ductile iron. Having been fully stressed relieved it is being durable and stable. The addition of nickel gives the alloy similar rust-resistance to stainless steel. All of the knobs and adjusters are made from stainless steel.The body is very accurately machined and surface ground. The sole is flat, the sides are square to the sole and the bed is flat and square to the sides. All this is done to within 0.038mm (0.0015") maximum deviation. The large side wings increase stability for shooting and unique finger grip indentations provide comfort and control.The adjustable mouth can be closed for fine shavings or opened for heavier cuts. A set screw behind the front knob can be used to lock in a setting so that the mouth can be opened to clear shavings and then returned to exactly the same position. The toe is completely enclosed by the body casting, a unique feature offering protection to the moveable toe.The lever cap is shaped to blend with the body to give a smooth, secure and comfortable grip. The lever cap wheel (underneath the lever cap) can be easily set from a full locking position to a controlled friction setting for blade adjustment. The combined feed and lateral adjustment mechanism makes blade setting accurate and easy.This 156mm long by 44mm wide plane has a 12° bed angle. The 35mm wide PM-V11 steel blade is 3.6mm thick. It comes with a two-angle bevel: a 25° primary bevel and a 23° relief bevel to ease re-sharpening. All that is required is to hone your preferred micro-bevel. The blade back comes lapped perfectly smooth. The lapped blade has a flatness tolerance of ±0.005mm or better over the working surface, and with an average roughness surface finish of 0.000127mm(5 microinches) or better.Made in Canada.

Specification for Veritas NX60 Premium Block Plane:
Model NX60 Premium