Key Features

  • Sharpen plane irons and chisels; blades from 12mm to 72mm wide
  • Bevel angles from 15° to 54°, consistent and repeatable
  • Blade-registration jig for fast and foolproof set-up
  • 3-position eccentric roller for micro bevels
  • Wide roller offers greater stability

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
200810 Veritas MkII Honing System £54.88
202489 Veritas Camber Roller Assembly £23.28
202390 Veritas Skew Registration Jig £30.78
103386 Veritas Mortise Chisel Adapter - MK.II Honing Guide £9.48
717456 Veritas Mk.II Honing System and Camber Roller - PACKAGE DEAL £74.28

The main feature of the Veritas Mk.II is its blade registration system squaring and setting the blade in one easy step. The Mk.II Guide has three bevel angle range configurations: a high angle (25° to 54° in seven increments), standard (15° to 40° in six increments), and a third for back bevels. The registration jig slides onto the guide body, centering and squaring the blade using an integral fence. The clamping mechanism registers on the face of the blade and is designed to accept flat and tapered blades, as well as blades with irregular geometry. The Mk.II features a three-position eccentric roller allowing a micro-bevel to be honed quickly and accurately after only a simple turn of a knob. The 50mm wide roller is stable for even the narrowest of blades. The guide can easily accommodate chisels or blades from 12 to 72mm wide and up to 13mm thick. Sharpening stone not included