Key Features

  • Anodised aluminium guide keeps your saw on the right track
  • Accurate crosscuts tenon shoulders or dadoes, low friction cover, saw glides effortlessly
  • 32mm tall, machined reference surface with three embedded magnets
  • Available in 200 or 350mm lengths
  • Made in Canada

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
952955 Veritas Magnetic Saw Guide - 200mm £32.28
952956 Veritas Magnetic Saw Guide - 350mm £34.58

This anodised aluminium guide helps keep your saw on the right track and perpendicular to a workpiece. It provides a registration surface about 32mm tall. It is particularly useful when crosscutting tenon shoulders or the edges of a dado, which is where you want your saw to cut straight and true. You can hold the guide onto your workpiece with a hand or secure it with clamps. The machined reference surface has three embedded magnets and a covering of UHMW low friction material. The magnets help keep your saw in contact with the guide while the pad allows it to glide along the reference face. The bottom of the guide has two high friction strips to resist slipping on a surface. It also has a T-slot to accept a pair of 50mm capacity clamps (optional accessory). The guide is available in 200 or 350mm lengths. Made in Canada.