Key Features

  • Carver's mallet offering precise control, perfect for fine detail carving
  • Smooth walnut wood handle
  • Brass head threaded to the handle for a secure fixing
  • 510g (18oz), 41mm(1.5/8") diameter head

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
107008 Veritas Large Journeyman's Brass Mallet £37.18

This journeyman’s carving mallet has a 510g (18oz) head, 41mm (1.5/8") in diameter. This brass headed mallet allows you to strike a carving tool with a measured force when carving or sculpting. For use when work requires a certain level of finesse, this mallet fits the bill perfectly. With a solid brass head and a walnut handle, this is an elegant and effective tool. The head has a blind threaded connection so you can use the top as a striking surface with the same feel and force as the sides.

The mallet is 150mm long overall.

Made in Canada.