Key Features

  • Easy to install, instructions, template & hardware included
  • Vice fits flush to your bench top, maximum travel 100mm
  • 13mm tall dog locates into one of two positions
  • Machined steel castings & anodised aluminium extrusions
  • Minimum bench thickness 31.7mm (1.1/4")
  • Made in Canada

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
952803 Veritas Inset Vice £88.28

This vice is easy to install in any bench with a top thickness at least 31.7mm (instructions, template and mounting hardware provided). The vice fits flush to your bench top and functions in a similar manner to a wagon vice. If your bench doesn’t have a tail vice then the Veritas Inset Vice coupled with a row of dog holes and a bench dog is exactly what you need. A knurled stainless-steel toggle handle turns a 13mm diameter Acme-threaded steel rod giving a travel of up to 100mm to a moving plate. A 13mm tall dog locates into this plate in one of two positions. Two positions allowing you to have dog holes on your bench top as far apart as 195mm. When the vice is not in use, removing the jaw leaves you with an unobstructed work surface. Constructed of machined steel castings and anodised aluminium extrusions. Made in Canada