Key Features

  • Draw or scribe wide arcs or large diameter circles
  • Long reach with micro adjustment
  • Ensures accuracy over a wide range
  • Draws circles or arcs up to 1,800mm diameter
  • Centre point fitted with micro-adjuster
  • Comes with steel marking point and pencil holder
  • Includes 2 extension beams
  • Stainless steel construction

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
106617 Veritas Beam Compass £72.28

Used for drawing or scribing wide arcs or large diameter circles this Veritas beam compass offers longer reach and micro adjustment ensuring accuracy over a wide range.

This beam compass comes with two extension beams giving you the potential to scribe or draw up to a 1,800mm diameter circle. The beams have threaded ends that let you screw them together for longer reach. Just by using the base section of the beam compass, you can draw circles from 75mm to 600mm in diameter.

It has two options for marking: a steel point suitable for scribing wood or soft metals and a holder for a standard pencil. A micro-adjust attached to the centre point lets you fine-tune the radius by up to 6mm, with a mechanism that allows precise adjustments whilst limiting backlash. The stainless steel, provides toughness and rust resistance, for a long working life.