Key Features

  • Unique double-sided stone
  • Can also be used to dress or open out stone

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
910080 Tormek SP-650 Stone Grader £23.38
910077 Tormek Honing Paste PA-70 £7.98
910095 Tormek XB-100 Horizontal Base £23.38
475907 Tormek Instructional DVD £14.18
701804 Tormek TNT-300 Woodturner's Instruction Box £31.58
368028 Tormek WM-200 Pro-AngleMaster £20.98
910093 Tormek US-105 Universal Support £34.88
910076 Tormek MH-380 Protective Cover £19.78
306015 Tormek LA-120 Profiled Leather Honing Wheel £48.58
202517 Tormek TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter £21.98
475425 Tormek Optional Narrow Discs for LA-120 £30.28
910075 Tormek Handbook £20.58

You do not want to be without this double-sided grader. Use the coarse side regularly to keep the stone open and effective. Also, this will practically get you two grindstones in one. The fine side will change the function of the Tormek grindstone from fast grinding at 220 grit to fine grinding at a 1000 grit surface. Standard with the T-4 and T8 machines.

Specification for Tormek SP-650 Stone Grader:
Model SP-650