Key Features

  • Label the sharpening settings for each of your turning tool
  • Repeatability of complex profiles of bowl and spindle gouges
  • Self adhesive label fits around the tool’s ferrule
  • Comprises 9 labels and short instruction leaflet

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
104715 Tormek Profile Labels £3.48

Having found the profile best suited to your way of working, you need repeatability every time you sharpen. Using the TTS-100 setter and SD-186 gouge jig guarantees repeatability, if you can remember the settings. These labels attach to your chisel’s ferrule and record the jig setting, chisel projection and the hole to use on the TTS-100 to set the correct distance from the stone. So, next time you sharpen, the label will tell you how to repeat your favourite profile exactly. Comprises 9 labels and a short instruction leaflet.

Specification for Tormek PL-01 Profile Labels:
Model PL-01