Key Features

  • High-quality, permanent marker with a chisel tip
  • Colour the bevel of the tool before you begin sharpening
  • Highlights the point of contact and helps monitor progress

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
107584 Tormek EM-15 Edge Marker £3.48

Top Tormek Tip, colour the bevel of the tool before you begin sharpening. This will highlight the point of contact with the stone and help monitor progress.This is exactly what the Tormek EM-15 Edge Marker does. It is a high-quality, permanent marker with a chisel tip to easily colour the bevel The marker is alcohol-based and has a line width of 1 to 4.8mm.When you want to find and replicate the tool’s existing edge angle. Colour the tool’s bevel, mount it in the appropriate jig and place it onto the Universal Support. Turn the grindstone by hand and check where the colouring is removed. Raise or lower the Universal Support until the colouring is removed from the tip to the heel. Turn the machine on and let sharpening commence.

Specification for Tormek EM-15 Edge Marker:
Model EM-15