Key Features

  • Diamond wheel for exceptional durability; never needs re-truing
  • Extra Fine 1,200 grit for refined and polished edge
  • Sharpens on the flat side as well as the periphery

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
104770 Tormek DE-250 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine £215.28

Tormek, already one of the most versatile and comprehensive sharpening systems, now has even more potential. These Tormek diamond grinding wheels offer huge benefits: exceptional durability and the ability to sharpen on the flat side as well as the periphery. Used together with MB-100 multi base you can sharpen on the side of the diamond wheel to produce a completely flat bevel, which may be preferable in some cases. In addition, these diamond grinding wheels will never require dressing and will always retain their original diameter.

The quality of the diamond surface provides a high quality and consistent finish to your edge tools. Diamond is the world's hardest material and almost twice as hard as cubic boron nitride (CBN). Diamond's extreme hardness and durability make it the ultimate abrasive material for sharpening. Although the wheels work perfectly well dry, Tormek recommend using water it as gives a much better result. The Tormek Extra-Fine diamond grinding wheel has a grit size of 1,200 mesh. It will refine and polish the edges of tools such as fine carving knives and similar for a precision edge after sharpening with coarser stones.

You can sharpen all types of material, including steel, ceramic, and tungsten carbide. These wheels fit Tormek T-8, Tormek T-7 and previous models Tormek 2000 - 2006 with a 250mm stone diameter.

Specification for Tormek DE-250 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine - 250mm:
Grit 1,200
Model DE-250
Wheel Diameter 250 mm
Wheel Width 50 mm