Key Features

  • Bonds wood, metal, plastics, concrete, ceramics & plasterboard
  • Strong gap filling bond, light tan colour
  • Interior and exterior use, water resistant
  • Setting time 6-24 hours

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Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
600210 Heavy Duty Titebond Construction Adhesive - 311ml (10.5fl.oz) £5.28
719621 Heavy Duty Titebond Construction Adhesive - Box of 12 Tubes £60.18
718695 Heavy Duty Titebond Construction Adhesive - 60 Tube Value Pack £269.28

For heavy duty applications that require a strong gap filling bond on a diverse range of the heavier building materials, Titebond Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is the answer. Solvent based, it will even work with wet or frozen timber, bonding timber, metal, brick, concrete, ceramics, manufactured panelling board and bonding plywood and plasterboard to each other. It is not suitable for continuous immersion but is water resistant and permanently flexible enabling slight movement tolerance. This adhesive is a light tan colour. Packed in cartridges for ease of application with a skeleton/mastic gun. Tube 311ml & 215mm length (excluding nozzle).

Specification for Titebond Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive:
Setting Time 6-24 hours
Size 311ml(10.5oz)
Suitable For Wood, Wet Wood, Masonry, Ceramics, Metal, MDF, Rubber, Some Plastics, Concrete