Key Features

Sjobergs Universal Anvil

  • Fits all benches with 19mm min dog hole
  • Protects your workbench top
  • Wraparound anvil locks into any dog hole

Sjobergs Holdfast ST03 (Twin Pack)

  • Can be attached on top of and on front of benches
  • Fits the Nordic Plus benches and Duo
  • Pack of 2

Sjobergs rubber/cork jaw Protectors for Nordic and Scandi benches

  • Two cork jaw protectors
  • Self adhesive backing
  • Dimensions are H 35mm x W 425mm
  • Suitable for Nordic and Scandi Plus benches

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
717728 Sjobergs Anvil, 2x Holdfast ST03 & Jaw Protectors - PACKAGE DEAL £99.98

This package deal comprises the Sjobergs Universal Anvil, Holdfast ST03 (twin pack) and the rubber/cork jaw protectors for Nordic and Scandi benches.

Sjobergs Universal AnvilFits all Sjobergs benches plus any other bench with minimum 19mm dog holes. Protect your workbench top by using this wraparound anvil that locks into any dog hole.

Sjobergs Holdfast ST03 (Twin Pack)Supplied as a pair, which can be located in any of the dog holes on worktop or in the holes on the front legs of the bench.

Sjobergs rubber/cork jaw protectors for Nordic and Scandi benchesA set of 2 cork jaw protectors with self adhesive backing for the Nordic and Scandi Plus Sjobergs benches.