Key Features

  • ST11 quick action Holdfast fits in any 19mm (3/4") dog hole
  • Universal Anvil for light metal work without damage
  • Rubberized cork Jaw Protectors 430mm long x 35mm

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
107990 Sjöbergs Accessory Kit for Scandi, 1060 Benches & Smart Workstation £114.98

Put your workbench to work with this accessory kit for the Sjöbergs Scandi and 1060 benches and the Smart Workstation . It comprises three items:The ST11 Holdfast features quick action and can be used in any 19mm (3/4") dog hole for horizontal clamping or in the trestle legs for clamping large boards or doors. It can rotate 360° and has a large diameter nylon pad for secure clamping.The Universal Anvil offers you the opportunity to carry out light metalworking without damaging your bench. It fits into a 19mm (3/4") dog hole. It protects your workbench top with its wraparound design that locks into the dog hole. Length 220mm x depth 110mmA pair of self adhesive Jaw Protectors. Made from rubberized cork, these will protect both the vice jaws and your workpiece. Size 430mm long x 35mm deep.