Key Features

  • For use with Sjöbergs Elite workbenches
  • QSH Holdfast; rapid adjustment use vertically or horizontally
  • Large clamp pad protects your workpiece
  • Steel anvil protects bench top when metalworking
  • Jaw protectors with self adhesive backing
  • Cork and rubber composition for firm grip without damage

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
104303 Sjöbergs Accessory Kit for Elite Workbench £129.98

Having made an investment in a Sjöbergs Elite Workbench, this kit will help you reap the benefits and maximise the usefulness of the bench. The kit comprises a QSH Elite Holdfast, UA-13 Universal Anvil and the JC-12 Elite Jaw Cushions.

The QSH Holdfast slips into any dog hole in the bench top for clamping items horizontally. Alternatively, use it in the bench legs for clamping large boards or doors on edge. It swivels 360° and slides vertically to accommodate different stock thicknesses.

The Universal Anvil, fits into one of dog holes along the edge the Elite bench for metalwork or to protect the bench top from heavy hammering.

The jaw protectors have a self-adhesive backing. They are a resilient cork and rubber composition, which provides a firm grip on a workpiece. They protect both the vice jaws and prevent delicate pieces from marring.