Key Features

  • Extremely powerful
  • Many uses from custom made tool racks to chuck key holding on the side of a machine

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
127198 Axminster Rare Earth Magnets - 8 x 5mm (Pkt 10) £9.98
127197 Axminster Rare Earth Magnets - 10 x 5mm (Pkt 10) £19.88
128471 Axminster Rare Earth Magnets - 10 x 3mm (Pkt 10) £9.48
128475 Axminster Rare Earth Magnets - 19 x 3mm (Pkt 6) £22.18

These rare earth magnets are extremely powerful and have many different uses. Drill a series of shallow holes with a Forstner bit in a length of timber, glue a magnet into each to create a custom-made knife or tool rack. Or simply stick a magnet to the side of a machine and use it to store the chuck key, or correct hex key for some particular adjustment, that way the necessary tool will always be to hand.