Key Features

  • For both PD 230 & PD 400 Lathes
  • Cuts convex & concave shapes to depth of 1.0mm
  • .Radi or 3/4 spheres up to max. 32mm diameter
  • Supplied with one finishing cutter 8 x 8 x 80mm
  • Supplied in wooden box

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
474789 Proxxon Radius Cutting Attachment £67.96

Usable on both the PD 230 and PD 400 Lathes. It is mounted on the cross slide in place of the turning cutter holder. For working steel (cutting depth up to 1.0 mm), non-ferrous metals, plastic. The radius cutting attachment makes it possible to turn radii or 3/4 spheres up to maximum of 32 mm. Complete with pointed turning cutter 8 x 8 x 80 mm. Cuts convex and concave shapes. Supplied in a wooden box with sliding lid.