Key Features

  • Planing disc for small or detail power carving
  • For working on flatter surfaces
  • Fits Proxxon LWH or LWH/A Long neck angle grinders
  • 50mm diameter with 2 tungsten carbide cutters
  • Shape wood, plastics, gypsum and horn etc.
  • Holes in the disc allow for a clear view workpiece

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
107285 Proxxon Planing Disc with Tungsten Inserts for Angle Grinders £49.99

This disc is useful when it comes to working flat surfaces when detail power carving. It is 50mm diameter and fits the Proxxon long neck angle grinders LWH or LWH/A. It has two indexable tungsten inserts, when one edge becomes dull it is a simple matter of moving the tip to a fresh edge. The disc works well on a variety of materials such as wood, plastics, gypsum, etc. It produces fine chips rather than dust. Holes in the disc allow for a clear view of the workpiece, making progress easy to see.