Key Features

  • Glues quickly and efficiently
  • Metal, wood, plastic
  • Ceramics, glass
  • Cardboard, leather

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
476827 Proxxon HKP 220 Hot Melt Glue Gun 230V £16.98
478003 Proxxon Glue Sticks 7mm x 100mm Pkt 12 £1.98

Small and compact this hot glue gun will quickly and efficiently stick metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, stoneware, cardboard, leather, polystyrene, foams and textiles. Heats to 200 °C Takes 7mm glue sticks. Supplied with 3 nozzles: round 1.84 and 1.93 and a flat 5.61 wide x 1.05 opening and 4 x 7mm x 100mm glue sticks.

Specification for Proxxon HKP 220 Hot Melt Glue Gun:
Model HKP 220
Voltage 230 V