Key Features

  • Shaping disc for small or detail power carving
  • Fits Proxxon LWH or LWH/A Long neck angle grinders
  • 50mm diameter with 2 tungsten carbide cutters
  • Shape wood, plastics, gypsum and horn etc
  • Holes in the disc allow for a clear view workpiece

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
107283 Proxxon Free Shaping Disc for Angle Grinders £59.99

A useful accessory for small or detail power carving. This disc is much the same as similar versions produced for larger angle grinders. The Proxxon Shaping disc is 50mm diameter and fits the long neck angle grinders LWH or LWH/A. It has two 8mm diameter, ground tungsten cutters. The disc enables you to shape wood, plastics, gypsum and horn, and similar materials. It produces fine chips rather than dust. Holes in the disc allow for a clear view of the workpiece, making progress easy to see.