Key Features

  • 47 first class quality tools in a tough moulded case
  • 12 combination spanners forged CrV steel 6 to 19 mm
  • 180mm Knipex combination pliers
  • 240mm Knipex water pump pliers
  • 6 screwdrivers slotted and Philips
  • Automotive tester with cable and crocodile clip
  • 10 sockets 8 to 24 mm
  • Ratchet handle, universal joint, and 2 extension bars
  • T-adaptor, 16 and 21mm plug sockets
  • Folding hex key set 1.5 to 8mm and a 300g hammer

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
23650 Proxxon 47 Piece Automotive & Universal Socket Set £189.00

41 pieces of first class quality and first class usefulness. The Proxxon Universal and Automotive set contains 12 combination spanners to DIN 3113 forged CrV steel from 6 to 19 mm. Both the 180mm combination pliers and 240mm water pump pliers are made by Knipex. The six Proxxon FLEX-DOT screwdrivers cover both slotted and Phillips head screws. There is an automotive tester with cable and crocodile clip used for fault-finding in the electrical system.The sockets and accessories are made of CrV steel (31 CrV 3) to DIN 899. Sockets are from 8 to 24 mm together with a ratchet handle, universal joint and extension bars 125 and 250 mm. There is also a T-adaptor, 16 and 21mm plug sockets and a folding hex key set 1.5 to 8mm. Finally, if all else fails, there is a 300g hammer with a permanently fixed fibre glass reinforced handle and slip resistant grip. All supplied in a tough moulded case.

Specification for Proxxon 47 Piece Automotive Tools and Socket Set (1/2"):
Drive 1/2" Square Drive