Key Features

Includes 3 holders: Roughing, Boring & Turning

Supplied with 3 x 55° tungsten inserts

Supplied in lidded wooden box with fixing screws and TX 8 wrench

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
474432 PROXXON Cutter Set with Tungsten Inserts for PD 230 £136.78

Three holders: Roughing out (8 x 8 x 70mm) Boring bar (8 x 8 x 90mm, holes from 12 mm) Longitudinal work (8 x 8 x 70mm) Standard tungsten inserts, 55°, plated. Suitable for PROXXON PD 230 lathe. Three additional inserts securing screw and key TX 8 are included. Supplied in a wood box with sliding lid.