Key Features

  • More compact than standard blade clamps
  • Aeronautical aluminium, over 40% lighter
  • Greatly reduces vibration
  • Changing blades is easier and faster
  • Reduces stress on the machine increasing life of the scroll saw
  • Easy to fit as an upgrade

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
104632 Pegas SCP-C100 Scroll Saw Blade Clamp Kit £89.98

Upgrade your scroll saw and enhance the performance and finish of your work with the Pégas scroll saw blade clamp kit.

Developed by Scies Miniatures/Pégas in association with the HEIG engineering school in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland these blade clamps have been proven to make a significant difference to the performance of your scroll saw. The studies and the tests carried out showed that the precision manufacturing and light weight of these clamps greatly reduces vibration and extends the life of the machine. Made from aeronautical aluminium they are over 40% lighter when compared to the standard clamps supplied with the scroll saw.

They also make changing blades faster and easier. The reduction in vibration makes using the scroll saw more pleasurable and improves the finish of the work.

Suitable for the following scroll saws:Axminster Trade Series EX-16, EX-21 and EX-30, Carbatec CTEX-16CEC/SS-400C, CTEX-21CEC/SS530C and CTEX-30CEC/SS560C, DeWalt DW788, Excalibur EX16, EX21 and EX30, Excelsior 16”/ 21”/ 30” scroll saws, Jet JWSS-22, King scroll saws, Pegas SCP16, SCP21 and SCP30 and Seyco ST-21.