Key Features

Cuts Styrofoam, hard foam, polyurethane, PU foam etc

Adjustable telescopic arm 400 to 650mm

200mm throat depth

Variable temperature range 100 - 350°C

Supplied with clamp for stationary use

Includes 30m spool of 0.2mm wire

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
105036 PROXXON THERMOCUT 650 Hot Wire Cutter £76.88

The PROXXON Hot wire cutter THERMOCUT 650 will cut Styrofoam, hard foam, polyurethane, PU foam and thermoplastic materials; just like a hot knife through butter. The design and ease of use make it a good choice for architects, artists, prototype construction, insulation work and, not least, for classic model building (railways, airplanes, boats). The THERMOCUT 650 features an adjustable telescopic arm giving cutting lengths between 400 and 650mm. Coupled with its 200mm throat depth, this cutter offers impressive capabilities.

The finished edge is smooth without the crumbling effect found when cutting these materials with a saw. A spring device in support bracket maintains constant wire tension regardless of temperature based wire expansion. A control knob sets the cutting wire temperature for different materials. The flat top of the THERMOCUT 650 allows you to use it as a stationary cutter; inverted and clamped to a tabletop, leaving both hands free to manipulate the workpiece.

Supplied with a 30m spool of cutting wire (0.2mm diameter) and a tabletop screw clamp.

Specification for PROXXON THERMOCUT 650 Hot Wire Cutter:
Voltage 230 V