Key Features

For tear free cuts, on top and bottom of workpiece

Reverse toothing, for clean finish on both sides

For cutting hard or soft woods

Coarse-toothed, 11 teeth per 25mm

Pack of 12, 130mm long plain end blades

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
107274 PROXXON Reversed Toothing Scroll Saw Blades, 11tpi (Pkt 12) £3.88

A pack of twelve scroll saw blades for cutting hard or soft woods where it is important to have a clean finish on both the top and bottom of the workpiece. The lower part of the blade, approximately 20mm, has teeth cutting on the upstroke, ensuring a clean finish on the underside of the work. These blades are perfect for model makers, doll’s house furniture etc.Coarse-toothed, 11 teeth per 25mm and 130mm long with plain ends. These will fit PROXXON scroll saws DS 230/E, DSH-2 and DS 460 plus many other saws taking 130mm plain end blades.