Key Features

Very quiet and low vibration, varible speed from 1,000 to 3,100rpm

For standard brushes and accessories up to 102mm

Supplied with 100 x 15mm muslin polishing wheel and fabric wheel

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
507267 PROXXON PM 100 Polishing Machine - 230V £230.18
507270 PROXXON Felt Cloth Polishing Disc 100 x 15mm £11.18
507268 PROXXON Treated Polishing Wheel 100 x 15mm PM100 £5.78
507269 PROXXON Bleached Muslin Polishing Wheel Soft 100mm x 15mm 28002 £4.98
507271 PROXXON Microfibre Polishing Disc 100 x 15mm 100 x 15mm £12.38

This machine has a long, ball bearing mounted main shaft (distance from disc to disc is approx. 360mm) and adjustable protective guards to work cleanly with polishing pastes. The right polishing arbor is screwed on and can be removed to use different accessories. It has a powerful drive through DC motor with speed control (full-wave electronics) for high starting torque and enormous traction even during strong contact pressure. Firm mounting with screws, but also with the attached screw clamp in the horizontal or vertical position. Included with the original equipment are a muslin polishing wheel (100 x 15mm), fabric polishing wheel (100 x 15mm) and a polishing bar (paste, 25 x 28 x 92mm).

Specification for PROXXON PM 100 Polishing Machine:
Model PM 100
Nett Weight 5 kg
Spindle Speed 1,000 - 3,100 rpm
Voltage 230 V