Key Features

For joiners, model makers and woodcarvers

Special balanced, low noise DC motor

Includes 3 Japanese bi-metal blades

Supplied in storage case

Super sharp Flexcut blades

The set comprises:

RG302 #9 x 1/2" gouge

RG307 70° x 1/4" Vee-Tool

RG403 70° x 3/8" Vee-Tool

RG203 90° x 11/16" Vee-Tool

RG305 #3 x 3/8" gouge

RG400 #3 x 5/8" gouge

RG300 #3 x 3/4" gouge

RG200 #3 x 1" gouge

RG306 #6 x 5/16" gouge

RG401 #5 x 9/16" gouge

RG301 #5 x 5/8" gouge

RG201 #5 x 7/8" gouge

RG309 #11 x 1/8" gouge

RG402 #8 x 3/8" gouge

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
717057 PROXXON MSG Carver & Flexcut RG100 Power Carving Deluxe Set (14 Piece) Package £299.98

We have teamed up two excellent products and created the ultimate set for power carving. The PROXXON MSG carver is one of the easiest power carvers to use, just push the blade in and you are carving within seconds. The 10,000 strokes per minute allow for clean, effortless and precision carving and when used with the Flexcut RG100 Power Carving gouges. This set includes; #3 x 3/8"(9mm), #3 x 5/8"(16mm), #3 x 3/4"(19mm), #3 x 1"(25mm), #5 x 9/16"(14mm), #5 x 5/8"(16mm), #5 x 7/8"(22mm), #6 x 5/16"(8mm), #8 x 3/8"(9mm), #9 x 1/2"(12.7mm), #11 x 1/8"(3mm) gouges and 70° x 1/4"(6mm), 70° x 3/8"(9mm), 90° x 11/16"(17.5mm) vee tools. Making this set perfect for carving the smaller details such as eyes and other facial features. The package offers everything and more for those of us who are seeking that professional touch to our work. All this and we’ve carved out a great saving with nearly £20 on the combined price.

Specification for PROXXON MSG Carver & Flexcut RG100 Power Carving Deluxe Set (14 Piece) Package:
Model MSG
Voltage 230 V