Key Features

Table size 200 x 70mm with 3 T-slots

Moveable ruler eases workpiece positioning

Handwheels with adjustable dials, 1 revolution = 1.0mm, 1 division = 0.05mm

Two clamps included

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
702050 PROXXON KT70 Micro Compound Table £80.68

Made of solid aluminium with surface treatment and fitted with adjustable dovetail gibs and three T-slots of the MICROMOT standard (12 x 6 x 5mm). Adjustable ruler eases workpiece positioning. Both handwheels have zero-resettable dials with graduations indicating 1 revolution = 1.0mm and 1 division = 0.05mm. X travel 134mm and Y travel 46mm having a table height of 43mm and table size of 200 x 70mm. Supplied with two step clamps and the clamps and securing bolts for the TBM bench drill.

Specification for PROXXON KT 70 MICRO Compound Table:
Model KT 70
Table Size 200 mm x 70 mm
Travel X Axis 134 mm
Travel Y Axis 46 mm