Key Features

Glues quickly and efficiently

Metal, wood, plastic

Ceramics, glass

Cardboard, leather

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
476827 PROXXON HKP 220 Hot Melt Glue Gun 230V £16.98
478003 PROXXON Glue Sticks 7mm x 100mm Pkt 12 £1.98

Small and compact this hot glue gun will quickly and efficiently stick metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, stoneware, cardboard, leather, polystyrene, foams and textiles. Heats to 200 °C Takes 7mm glue sticks. Supplied with 3 nozzles: round 1.84 and 1.93 and a flat 5.61 wide x 1.05 opening and 4 x 7mm x 100mm glue sticks.

Specification for PROXXON HKP 220 Hot Melt Glue Gun:
Model HKP 220
Voltage 230 V