Key Features

Makes screwdriving a whole lot easier

Use in line as a standard screwdriver

Angle the handle for extra torque

CrV steel ratchet mechanism

Easy control for switching from clockwise to anticlockwise rotation

Auto-lock magnetic 1/4" hex bit holder

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
102388 PROXXON Foldable Screwdriver with Ratcheting Function £24.48

The folding ratchet screwdriver makes driving screws a whole lot easier. In line, it’s a standard screwdriver. With the back section angled, it allows you to produce more torque with less effort. The ratchet mechanism is forged CrV steel. The ring in front of the handle lets you switch from clockwise to anticlockwise rotation; the centre position turns the ratchet function off. The 1/4" hex auto-lock bit holder is magnetic.