Key Features

PROXXON 18mm Sanding Discs with Arbor

Self adhesive sanding discs

Mount on to a rubber faced arbor

5 x 120 grit and 5 x 150 grit discs

Arbor, 3mm shaft

PROXXON Flap Sanding Wheel

For general shaping and smoothing

30mm diameter, 120 grit

PROXXON Diamond Cutting Disc

Cuts marble, brick, plaster

Diamond coated edge

20mm diameter

PROXXON Wire Wheel Brushes

22mm diameter wire brushes

5x Steel wire brushes

PROXXON 38mm Cutting Discs & Arbor

5 pack of 38mm reinforced aluminium cutting discs

Arbor with a 2.35mm diameter shank

For cutting metals, wood and plastics

PROXXON Spring Steel Cutting Blades

Spring steel cutting blades

Pack of 3

1 each 16, 19 & 22mm diameter

For cutting plastic, wood and non-ferrous metal

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
717496 PROXXON Drill/Grinder Accessories - PACKAGE DEAL £28.98

Package deal comprises accessory for use with the PROXXON drill/grinder.

PROXXON 18mm Sanding Discs with Arbor18mm diameter self adhesive sanding discs which mount onto a rubber faced arbor. Arbor plus 5 x 120 grit and 5 x 150 grit discs. 3mm shaft diameter.

PROXXON Flap Sanding WheelFor general shaping and smoothing work on various materials. 30mm diameters, with a 3mm shaft diameter. 120grit.

PROXXON Diamond Cutting DiscFor cutting marble, brick, plaster and many other materials in the sanitary and electrical fields. Only 0.6mm kerf, 20mm diameter, with a 2.35mm diameter arbor.

PROXXON Wire Wheel Brushes22mm diameter wire brushes mounted on an arbor with 2.35mm shaft diameter. Arbor plus 5 Steel brushes.

PROXXON 38mm Cutting Discs & ArborReinforced aluminium 38mm diameter discs for cutting metals, wood and plastics. Available as a pack of 5 discs, including an arbor with a 2.35mm diameter shank.

PROXXON Spring Steel Cutting BladesCutting blades made of spring steel, only 0.1mm thick. For plastic, wood and non-ferrous metals. Three blades included in the pack, one of each: 16, 19 and 22mm diameter, includes arbor with 2.35mm shank.