Key Features

Load bearing components made of die-cast aluminium

Auto feed

Riffled and spring loaded infeed roller

Rubber coated outfeed roller

2 HSS knives

Dust protected No-Volt release switch

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
702064 PROXXON DH40 Thicknesser - 230V £528.88
702065 PROXXON HSS Blades for DH40 (Pkt 2) £7.88

The PROXXON DH 40 is a superb small machine for producing precision stock for fine furniture or musical instruments. Capable of machining even very hard, close grained woods, leaving a fine finish. All load bearing components are all made of die-cast aluminium, with milled seats for bearings and spindles, for vibration-free, smooth thicknessing of hard and soft woods. The result is a high grade, very smooth surface. The triple spindled table is made from die-cast aluminium and milled to close tolerances. The handwheel (zero adjustable) allows adjustments to 0.1mm. Auto feed is fitted as standard, as well as an anti-kickback device. The infeed roller is riffled and spring loaded to assist in feeding uneven materials. The outfeed roller is rubber coated to prevent marking the newly planed wood. The cutter block is fitted with two HSS knives. The on/off switch is dust protected and fitted with a no-volt-release switch. Table length 232mm. Overall machine dimensions 280 x 230 x 235mm. Weight approximately 8kg.

Specification for PROXXON DH 40 Thicknesser:
Cutterblock Speed 6,000 rpm
Feed Speed 4.8 m/min
Knives HSS (Disposable) x 2
Length of Table 232 mm
Max Depth of Cut Thicknesser 0.8 mm
Max Planing Width 80 mm
Model DH40
Nett Weight 8 kg
Number of Knives 2
Overall L x W x H 280 mm x 230 mm x 235 mm
Voltage 230 V