Key Features

  • Accurately measures inside or outside angles
  • Automatically divides angle into two for setting of mitre saw or disc sander fence

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
610116 Nobex Multifix Angle Measuring Device £46.98

Multifix is a multi-functional angle measuring device which will not only accurately measure inside or outside angles (over the range of 70° to 180°), but will also automatically divide the angle into two, ready for subsequent setting of a mitre saw or disc sander fence. This means, for example, that the corner between two walls of a room, or other structure, can be measured in seconds and the half angle transferred straight to the saw for producing a perfectly matching cornice, dado rail or skirting board. Accuracy is guaranteed and the time saving can be enormous. Swedish made.

Specification for Nobex Multifix:
Model Multifix