Key Features

  • Cuts like hundreds of miniature planes - doesn't scrape or tear
  • Blade made from 400 series stainless steel with plastic handle
  • Shape with precision and control

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
951198 Microplane 203mm Round Rasp with Handle £17.88
951199 Microplane 203mm Square Rasp with Handle £17.88
951200 Microplane 86mm Round Rasp with Handle £11.98
951201 Microplane 86mm Square Rasp with Handle £11.98

If all tools were graded by their usefulness and longevity then Microplanes would be high on the list. Manufactured in the USA from high grade stainless steel, the unique Microplane manufacturing process creates hundreds of extremely sharp teeth for fast, smooth, effortless cutting. Durable, non-clogging and rustproof. Use to shape a wide variety of materials - wood, plastics, rubber, body filler, etc, etc. They can even be used to produce barley twists. Microplanes leave a good finish, requiring only a light sanding to further refine the surface.