Key Features

  • 1MT or 2MT to tapered thread for polishing mop mounting

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
610037 Axminster Lathe Mounted Polishing Mop Arbor - 1MT £19.96
610041 Axminster Lathe Mounted Polishing Mop Arbor - 2MT £19.96

Another good idea from our woodturning department. An arbor available with either 1 or 2 Morse taper at one end and a tapered thread on the other for mounting a polishing mop. A hollow recess is provided at the tip so that the tailstock can be brought up to keep the arbor securely in place. The mop can be loaded with the appropriate polishing compound for putting that final gloss finish on your work. Be sure to remove the tool rest before doing any polishing work. Details of suitable polishing mops and compounds can be found in the Sharpening, Grinding and Polishing section.

Specification for Lathe Mounted Polishing Mop Arbor:
Morse Taper 2 MT