Key Features

  • Aluminium oxide, clean fast cutting, lubricate withwater
  • Tapers from 50mm(2") to 13mm(1/2")
  • One side convex, the other concave, for incannel or outcannel gouges

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
900257 Ice Bear Gouge Sharpening Cone - 1,000g £35.88
900258 Ice Bear Gouge Sharpening Cone - 4,000g £42.18

Japanese waterstones made from aluminium oxide. Length 150mm, tapering from 50mm to 13mm with one side convex and the other concave, making them highly suitable for sharpening either incannel or outcannel gouges.

Specification for Ice Bear Gouge Sharpening Cones:
Grit 4,000
Size 6"