Key Features

  • Fit into Flexcut handle (810478) for hand carving
  • 810480 adaptor available for Bosch or Skil power carvers

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
476311 Flexcut SK800 Chisel - Sweep 9 x 1mm (micro) £19.48
476110 Flexcut SK801 Chisel - Sweep 9 x 1.5mm (micro) £19.48
900000 Flexcut SK703 Chisel - Sweep 9 x 9/16"(14mm) £20.98

The Flexcut SK chisels will fit into the Flexcut handle (810478) for carving by hand or, by using the 810480 adaptor, can be used with Bosch or Skil power carvers

Specification for Flexcut SK Carving Gouges No.9 Sweep:
Size No. 9 x 1/2"
Sweep #9 Gouge