Key Features

  • 14 Super sharp Flexcut blades
  • Fit directly into Proxxon, Foredom, Wecheer, Ryobi and MasterCarver power carvers

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
486302 Flexcut RG100 Deluxe Set (14 Piece) £196.78

The RG range of reciprocating gouges are compatible with most reciprocating power tools. This comprehensive set offers a wide range of profiles for both roughing out and detail work. These tools require no adaptors for the following machines: Proxxon, Foredom, Wecheer, Ryobi and MasterCarver.

The set comprises:#3 x 3/8"(9mm)#3 x 5/8"(16mm)#3 x 3/4"(19mm)#3 x 1"(25mm)#5 x 9/16"(14mm)#5 x 5/8"(16mm)#5 x 7/8"(22mm)#6 x 5/16"(8mm)#8 x 3/8"(9mm)#9 x 1/2"(12.7mm)#11 x 1/8"(3mm)70° x 1/4"(6mm)70° x 3/8"(9mm)90° x 11/16"(17.5mm)

Specification for Flexcut RG100 14 Piece Power Carving Deluxe Set:
Model RG100