Key Features

  • Set of 5 tools essential for carving fine detail
  • High carbon steel blades; razor sharp, ready to start carving
  • Comfortable ergonomically design ash handles
  • Made in USA

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
104591 Flexcut MT930 5 Piece Micro Tool Set £114.98

The Flexcut 3mm Mixed Profile Micro Tool Set includes 5 essential tools for carving extra-fine detail. These tools are perfect for miniatures, cleaning up ridges created by gouge cuts, cleaning up and accessing tight corners, and carving fine details such as mouths and eyes, plus adding texture such as fur and feathers.

The 3mm set includes one of each of the following tools: Skew (MT16), Gouge (MT21), Deep-U (MT29), 45° V (MT33), 90° V (MT41). All the tools have an overall length of approximately 140mm. The smooth, rounded ash handles give excellent control, making carving easier. Made in USA.

Specification for Flexcut MT930 5 Piece Micro Tool Set:
Model MT930